The Green Initiative

February 24, 2011

Green Initiative Report

On 22 February a request was sent to Edcon for a donation of bags for the green initiative project, Edcon accepted the request and invited us to collect the donation on 23 February.

We collected boxes of Charity clothing on the day which consisted of newborn, toddler and up to 8 year olds, we also received mostly underwear and socks plus a few bags.
Hillside Digital later donated the clothing to our cooperatives who worked on the beadwork project last year.

Another donation went to the church which helped with transport and diesel, and HD staff also received something.
The Bags were not given away as these are for the Green Initiative project.
An appointment has been set for 01 March with ABI in regards to the Green Initiative project, this date has to be confirmed by Busisiwe.
Ernestine from UJ is on leave until 28 February and there is no response from her office.

Report by
Jabu Dhludhlu.

  1. Zanele Nhlapo says:

    My name is Zanele and i am very interested in your green initiative. Im also very passionate about community building. I have a qualification and experience in the environmeantal field anad community development.
    I’d like to find out more on how i can be part of the green initiative programme. I cant find your contact details on the website, please advise.
    Looking forward to your response.

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