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By Amanda Loqo

I use public toilets, schools and public transport. It’s not a luxury life but it brings the sense of UBUNTU. In a taxi you meet almost 30 different people before you reach your destination, there is a culture of greeting everybody as you enter the taxi and freely engaging in conversation, and  say ENKOSI (thank you) driver when about to get off. You find yourself miles away listening to music and everybody is singing along.

I know a white guy from Germany who shared his whiskey with everybody in the taxi, it doesn’t grab an eye any more when a white person takes a taxi to Khayelitsha, especially during the world cup. We were listening to the Bafana Bafana match on radio when they played against France. I was on my way home from work while others where at home or in the stadium with friends and family. I was in a taxi with strangers but it was much fun with everybody cheering for the boys and with the driver one hand on the wheel and other blowing a Vuvuzela. It’s a day to remember. Take a day off and take a taxi to Khayelitsha then we’ll talk again.

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Not long ago, South Africa celebrated their announcement to host the FIFA World Cup 2010. When the moment arrived every one from the township streets and urban brews prepared for the real moment when the world cup began in June. I was in my green t- Shirt for my country and ready for the world cup in Africa. Above all, I was preparing my equipment to capture the moment and report it to my community and the world. As a citizen journalist the journey for exciting stories ahead had begun and the chance to dramatically improve living conditions in my country.

Every step of the way as a journalist it demanded more experience from my training to become the best camera man for the event, and direct the production with my colleagues as a crew. I enjoyed working amongst world class media agents such as CNN, BBC, SuperSport and others. I was looking up to them as they were shooting from exclusive angles around the field and I was getting better at it with every moment of the day.

It was indeed an opportunity of a life time, when Danny recommended me and Tshepiso to meet the Chairman, Chief executive officer and President of Sony Corporation; Sir Howard Stringer, Joburg City Mayor Mr Masondo, Lucas Radebe; Ambasssador for Football for Hope and as a soccer legend, and others who were VIP`s. I was thinking it was an honor to meet him and relaying my passion for citizen journalism and Hillside Digital and how I want to make it a community voice.

I was delighted to show Mayor Masondo our films on the VIP flat screen television which had already been playing in the VIP room for several days. I know our work has been recognized and some where, some how, there is a hidden goodwill to save our work.

Probably you would want to know how you can be part of this programme, well, as we seek to influence social change through citizen journalism in impoverished communities like Alexandra, You can believe in our vision and be our ambassador, We request funding for the programme to continue influencing social change, and your support will change someone’s life through our mission. Please click on the Support Siyakhona tab to learn more.

I would like to honor the world and who celebrated with us the success of the world cup, not forgetting, FIFA organization, Sony, FIFA Organizing Committee South Africa, Football for Hope, Street Foot Ball World, Siyakhona and my community, Gracius, Obrigado to the world.

Emotions brewed in the football field when Alex Team faced Football United as Alex Team became more and more desperate to survive in the tournament, leaving Football United running up the tournament to win. Despite handicap challenges on the main player Khensani for Alex Team; who did not play on the third day of the tournament.

‘The mediators kept on stopping the match,’ Sillo; Alex team coach said, ‘yet that was not at our advantage, as my team faces a lot of injuries, my main player and the goal keeper’.

The Alex team recovers with 3 points so far in group A and that is bad for their survival in the tournament. Football United keeps 1 in group A. Apart from their disadvantages; both teams strike hard in the field and                                                                                             maintain fair play and commitment.
Yom, defender for Football United shares her background with us. She is as an Australian citizen from Sudan. Yom was born in Kenya after her parents left Sudan as refugees and later found refuge in Australia. She loves her experiences in the tournament and is enjoying her self in Alexandra. Her story is inspiring and interesting, as are the many others of the delegates.

Football United was granted a three year grant to conduct a research project on the impact of football and sport on social inclusion, so far the experience is a platform to influence social inclusion and community participation of refugee populations in urban areas such as Alex.
Alex Team faces, Grassroot Soccer team on the fourth day. With a team of young men and women from South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, it currently holds 2 points in group A. The organization does good work using the power of football in the fight against the Aids pandemic.
In conclusion. The game resembled the need for South African government to consider investing in soccer in all communities to start shaping up better sports women and men. Then they shall meet the youths demands head on; to eliminate crime and promote education in disadvantaged communities.

by Warren

Meet Refumo who is my new friend, he lives in Alexandra Township a few meters from the media center. As I walked out the center’s gate, I saw this little boy with a broken cam on his hand. He posed serious questions and curious about the media center, he was taking a picture. Refumo looked passionate. When people went up and down the center he was capturing their images with his camera. I guess he new there were journalists in the center who were carrying their cameras.

I’m inspired by how a child can be part of the festival in his own way with his broken camera. Yet I was deeply touched, I went to him, started speaking to him and looked close to his camera which was completely wrecked. He was a vulnerable boy with a smile ahead of his dreams. He told me about himself and I grew more interested as he told me about his dream. He wants to be a policeman because he likes what policemen do for his country and he supports Bafana Bafana.

Refumo is one of many children in the whole world who are disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is a young man I got a chance to know, take his pictures while he was taking his own pictures.

I gave him a little tour in the media center, he watched me working on my stories and he looked excited and inspired. I wanted to make his day, as he was seriously taking pictures along the way leaving the center. Perhaps I lifted his spirit high, he may be the best camera-man ever, he may be the next video journalist like me.

As journalists around the world cover the Football for Hope Festival, he will still be curious with his camera and I will be there to support him, and there again Alexandra South Africa will have a future eye and voice of the community.

The festival begins on Sunday and everyone in the community is excited, young people now want to see their stars playing soccer in the field, Refumo prepares excited fully in two days before the referee whistle’s blows on Sunday the 4th July 2010.

“Feel it, I was there” The FIFA World CUp 2010 Portugal 7 – 0 N.Korea. I experienced it first hand. Thank you Mike Geddes. What a day I had from when I woke up on the 21st June 2010. I felt proud to be part of the Siyakhona Project as it was my first attending a big event like that. OOH what a great time I had blowing my vuvuzela and dancing all the way to the stadium with my colleagues and trainers. Watching people smiling, cheering, wearing different coloured outfits and singing for their teams. Even whilst waiting in the rain you could see the determination and eagerness of the supporters. South Africans and the world was ready!

This day will live on forever in my heart, I also thank Hillside Digital management for picking me amongst many other young adults who wanted to be where I was on this day.

Thank You!

By Shirley Langley

Shirley gets to know her new sony hd cam

After the World Cup I hope and pray that it will leave a legacy in my township even if we didn’t get any fan parks for our people. We are feeling it, we’re happy about everything that is happening in other parts of the country. We live and love the game of football and follow it religiously. The world cup is in our backyard and we want to show the world what we’re made of. I am a video journalist with Hillside Digital and I live in the mother of all townships, Alexandra.

What I like about my township is the love that we have for the sport, we even love our own soccer games in Winter called MAP (Maimane Phiri) games. The games allow everyone to take part including girls and Alex legends. Maimane is one of our legends who still lives in Alex; he use to play for Five Special before moving into the big leagues.

We didn’t get a fan park to watch the games in Alex but there is something special happening here starting on July 4th. It’s a tournament that FIFA has brought us called the Football For Hope Festival. It will leave a legacy because the festival and all the games will bring the community together. I can’t wait to film all the games and show them to my community and you, the world.

As I said in my last blog I am proud to part of the Siyakhona project and Hillside Digital because this project is going to change the lives of our people in this township. Let us hope they support us in making the change in our community, because we are the voices that need to be heard by our government and our president.

I wish you all the best and hope you’re watching the world cup.

Warren Radebe (Video Journalist)

6 Video Journalists from Alexandra Township were at the Soccer World Cup 2010 watching the match between South Korea and Argentina; the team favored by many people to win the cup. Over 87 000 people attended the soccer match at the most beautiful stadium in Soweto; it was an experience in the heart of real South Africa.

Tshepiso Mthembu, Hlohonolo Mujakisane, Susan Khosa, Warren Radebe, Shirley Langley, and Herbert Mashishi were excited queuing along the gates. You should have seen their faces, they were flushed and excited. For some it was just a first time experience in the stadium. My day at the stadium never wasted away any exciting moment. It was a dream come true. I had a close up of stadium life with world known soccer stars. Herbert dream of a lifetime; being at the world cup

The Vuvuzelas were blowing everywhere sounding like happy bees. The stadium was field with True Rainbow Nation as South Africans. Two months ago South Africa had a little bit of racial tension, but when I saw every race sitting side by side, chanting together and enjoying the game, I thought that the World Cup Event strengthened South Africa`s democracy.

South Korea lost 1- 4 to Argentina in few minutes of the match, it was a heavy loss for the Korean fans and a bargain for the Argentinians to qualify in the group B. The Argentinians celebrated with their blue and white colors and so was Hlohonolo with his still cam to capture the moments. For the rest of the Hillside Digital Siyakhona team it was an opportunity of a life time. Thanks to Sony and Foot Ball for Hope.