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Warren Radebe (Video Journalist)

6 Video Journalists from Alexandra Township were at the Soccer World Cup 2010 watching the match between South Korea and Argentina; the team favored by many people to win the cup. Over 87 000 people attended the soccer match at the most beautiful stadium in Soweto; it was an experience in the heart of real South Africa.

Tshepiso Mthembu, Hlohonolo Mujakisane, Susan Khosa, Warren Radebe, Shirley Langley, and Herbert Mashishi were excited queuing along the gates. You should have seen their faces, they were flushed and excited. For some it was just a first time experience in the stadium. My day at the stadium never wasted away any exciting moment. It was a dream come true. I had a close up of stadium life with world known soccer stars. Herbert dream of a lifetime; being at the world cup

The Vuvuzelas were blowing everywhere sounding like happy bees. The stadium was field with True Rainbow Nation as South Africans. Two months ago South Africa had a little bit of racial tension, but when I saw every race sitting side by side, chanting together and enjoying the game, I thought that the World Cup Event strengthened South Africa`s democracy.

South Korea lost 1- 4 to Argentina in few minutes of the match, it was a heavy loss for the Korean fans and a bargain for the Argentinians to qualify in the group B. The Argentinians celebrated with their blue and white colors and so was Hlohonolo with his still cam to capture the moments. For the rest of the Hillside Digital Siyakhona team it was an opportunity of a life time. Thanks to Sony and Foot Ball for Hope.