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I never thought that one day I would walk through and work in a place where I always saw their name only on the TV, that place is the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). I reached my goal of making my documentary by working with colleagues in Hillside Digital and the Siyakhona Project, and I hope it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes dreams come and go. If I don’t hold onto what I believe I will lose what I wanted to achieve in life. I am now taught how to be responsible and to be strong but there is one thing holding me back.

I must teach myself to talk and share my opinions with others. I am not shy, it’s just that sometimes others say what I wanted to say and that is why I don’t speak, but now I realise that I must stand my ground and be me. I will never give up in life even if it means that I must go the extra mile to begin a successful future in my life, I will.

I have learned a lot since I started at Hillside Digital and I will try by all means to succeed. I will try my best to do the impossible. I’d like to be one of those professional film makers, that is my dream that I have as a person and I will make sure that I give my all to that dream.

Shirley Langley is a 20-years old and lives with her foster family in Alexandra where she was born and raised. She finished high school in 2007 and excelled at sports. Her passion is to be a sports reporter and a video editor and to tell stories on camera which encourage young people to engage in sports as a means of keeping healthy and focused – and as a way of avoiding teenage pregnancy, crime and substance abuse.