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 We have gone a mile as a nation, enjoying and celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2010, and so we have been successful hosting the Football for Hope Festival in Alexandra Township. Alex community becomes more and more desperate for social change.

On the 1st to the 4th September 2010, we will be organizing one of the biggest and influential clean up campaigns in Alexandra Township. To create awareness about the Rats problem and land pollution. This is after we have spent days producing the Rats documentary; a story by the people of Alexandra.

Rats in Alexandra have become a serious problem and so far nothing has been done for a call to action. We intend to inform the community about the causes of Rats population increase and how the community can eliminate the number of Rats; start to clean their environment. The story has involved the local Municipality as environmental expects and key role players in solving the problem.

The story is a journey for Alex people, forging a united front of all stakeholders despite the impoverished neighborhood realities and suffering of the locals. Alex has given birth to some of the leaders in the government, yet the area is still the under developed. Amongst other issues we have discovered is housing problem, xenophobia and education. We hope that the Call to Action will also inspire the community to raise awareness about the issues and be represented for basic right to have a safe and a clean environment.

The clean up campaign will involve organizations, municipality and local businesses; we invite the world to be part of this social movement for the Rat bite victims who are desperate for an intervention. On the 4th September the campaign will Parade in the local streets to educate and create an urgent community mobilization. We request support and dedication from our government for the success of the upcoming campaign. Great leadership is a key to the success of our democracy; let us gear up for the call to action.