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Picture by Azola Maliti


This has been a great successful event, the whole community stood up as a one society saying no to drugs and substance abuse, also on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, especial among youth.

They were saying no to Rape and brutal killings of women, defenceless grannies, people with disabilities and young children and also human trafficking. They also fight against not coping with the burden of HIV /Aids leading to suicide and killing of partners and violet crime.

It was great to see political parties united as one supporting their communities even though Mr Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille were not present. ANC, DA, NAPWA, HOME AFFAIRS, CHILD LINE and other NGO’s stood together and shouted with one voice; “DON’T LOOK AWAY, ACT AGAINST ABUSE”

There was also HIV/Aids test clinics, while Home Affairs were helping people with Identities and some got free t-shirts with flyers detailing contact details of programs and associations that could help.

This is how we should work as a province to protect our sisters, brothers and our parents, families together with our communities, so we started it here and you???


By Warren

On the 25th July 2010, Mr Linda Twala was invited to receive his honorary Award by the Rotary Club of Rosebank at the Wanders Club Rosebank, Johannesburg. My camera was focused on the moment he walked up to the stage and received his award.

He is renowned as an icon of Alexandra Township, after 43 years of community service he still is a committed and passionate community leader; he inspires me and other young community leaders to influence social change.

Many people have followed Linda Twala’s story; from South Africa and abroad. For me it is the perfect story to tell it like on one else ever could. I believe he is a man of many talents in business and community service, and I am always available for his mentorship, I have done immense research on him that I would like to film as a documentary.

I am currently preparing my first political documentary about Alexandra Politics, as I have said, Mr Twala is a big part of it and the other unsung heroes of Alexandra. The documentary will recap Alexandra’s political history, showcase the current political situation of Alexandra, and celebrate community leaders like Mr Twala for their heroism and service.

This documentary happens at a time where South Africa hosts FIFA World Cup 2010 and significantly when Alexandra hosts the FIFA Football for Hope festival; which will involve different youth from around the world.  I am part of the Siyakhona project and am a Hillside Digital Citizen journalist, it is with these skills that I and my team will objectively influence social change side by side with our community leaders.

So far this is completing my full circle to be a community leader and a good citizen journalist. I am aiming to honor this man in my films, so he deserves. He complements my work in film documentary as not coincident to the need of a voice for the community, for the survival of Alexandra Township.
Warren directing the scene

The following day I and Tshepiso were to follow him with the South African popular Gospel singer, Rebecca and that was to be a bonus for my documentary. Please catch up with Tshepiso`s Blog she presents local charity show.