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“Feel it, I was there” The FIFA World CUp 2010 Portugal 7 – 0 N.Korea. I experienced it first hand. Thank you Mike Geddes. What a day I had from when I woke up on the 21st June 2010. I felt proud to be part of the Siyakhona Project as it was my first attending a big event like that. OOH what a great time I had blowing my vuvuzela and dancing all the way to the stadium with my colleagues and trainers. Watching people smiling, cheering, wearing different coloured outfits and singing for their teams. Even whilst waiting in the rain you could see the determination and eagerness of the supporters. South Africans and the world was ready!

This day will live on forever in my heart, I also thank Hillside Digital management for picking me amongst many other young adults who wanted to be where I was on this day.

Thank You!