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While in the process of doing this story we face a lot of challenges because, the topic has so many angle to choose from, and no matter how you try to eliminate same of them they find their way right back to your story. Which makes it hard for one to edit.

The reason we did this story is because we wanted to highlight that HIV does not necessarally kill a person, but it is the HIV cycle that leads to death meaning that in our townships people are still  discriminated against because of their status.

Our main character Noma Africa had an amazing  and sad story to tell, it was amazing in a way that after all she has been through with her family and community and having a young boy of seven who has HIV, she is still living strong. Even with examples like Noma Africa in the community, it is sad that  there are still youth with  little knowledge about the risks of  getting HIV infected.

Hopefully the message that  you will get across from this  film is that people rely on ARVs to live longer. Lots of money has been invested in health care and prevention, I think what people really need is educational skills about HIV because after all these years people are still ignorant. They still  judge by appearance whether one is HIV positive or not. Those living with HIV and AIDS still find it difficult to disclose.

I personally think that  education should start in grade one and the information should not be limited because they are at a young age. What we’re told at schools is that if you are  HIV positive you will die. We are not taught how to prevent contracting the disease and the  details that goes with it.