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I’m a young lady from Alexandra township trained by Hillside Digital in the Siyakhona project to become a video journalist. We collect votes from the community before producing a documentary on a burning issue. We screen our documentary back to the community and encourage the audience to speak their mind.

As Hillside Digital we have a partnership with the local radio station; Alex fm. Our show is every Tuesday at seven pm. I chose a topic on millennium development goals. The United Nation chose 8 goals to focus on, to eradicate extreme poverty around the world. This is an important issue to talk about on air because it affects us all in different ways.Suzan Khosa

I arrived at Alex FM to prepare to be on air. Brian the presenter asked what the topic of the day was. I told him that I wanted to talk about the United Nations’ MDGs as there was a summit in New York about the world meeting the MDG deadline in 2012. We started the show but Brian stopped the show because he didn’t have any idea what the millennium goals were all about. I gave him a copy and he read to get some clue on what is all about.

I was very disappointed to see the local radio station who has more than 50 000,00 listeners, had never heard of the MDGs. They host a good show but they don’t know about vital policies the international community is following to get us out of poverty. I don’t blame the radio station or its DJs but I can’t help thinking that if radio talk show hosts don’t know about the MDGs then how many residents of my community or South Africa know about them?

I think it is very important that we as a community follow what the United Nations is doing because it affect us all. The world agreed to these goals to get poor townships like Alexandra out of poverty. It is time for us to start educating our people to be aware about the goals and have our voice heard as a contributing factor in the policy decisions. It is our lives that is affected by MDG policy and my people don’t even know they exist.