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The most magical youth soccer tournament will be another world spectacular; the Football for Hope Festival in Alexandra Township. It becomes the potential land mark for FIFA to leave behind a lasting legacy, influence social change amongst youth and social integration.

It is the first time that the FIFA Football for Hope Festival will be hosted in a township rather than first world city centers. This after the same Alexandra experienced xenophobic attacks a year ago. South Africa is one of the most sensitive countries  in racial and tribal clashes, however the objective of the world’s most popular sport may just be the way to a peaceful world and a  tolerant planet.

On the 28th June 2010, the Football for Hope organizers welcomed the 32 teams from around the world in the Team Village East of Johannesburg. It is only the beginning of an exciting season ahead. Amongst the teams were South Africa, England, Uruguay, Kenya, America, Brazil, Cambodia and others. Teams were carefully selected from different community social initiatives within the Football for Hope movement for their commitment. Teams were drawn to play against each other for three beautiful trophies, the main one made by the same manufacture which made the FIFA World Cup trophy, and the Clay Pot trophy made by a local artist as it carried African originality and the essence of South African Pride.

Our cameras followed around Tshepiso, our presenter, as the teams were socializing and enjoying themselves. It truly became a top experience when we had to adjust our presentation language; we were exchanging languages from English to French from Portuguese to Zulu, and it only meant the world is one.

I want to dedicate this moment to the late king of pop Michael Jackson; his famous song loved by the youth around the world “We are the world, we are the children.” May his vision for one world come one step closer through the Football for Hope Festival beginning this Sunday.