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By Nana Mathebula

My team and I were given a project by Into the Limelight Communications for The Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO), a partnership between UJ, Wits and Gauteng Government. Our brief was to interview people regarding their activities surrounding sports, entertainment, how they use parks, cultural precincts and entertainment. We shot this project over the course of last week. It has been an eye-opening experience where we had to work as a team. I like to think that we were given a chance to do this project for the city to use as a door to start working together as a team and making change in our community and our surrounding areas.

Then it was time to show our dedication, skill and love for the work we do. We are young trained video journalists; we do short films and screenings. At the same time as interviewing people we did a lot of drive-by shots in different places like Pretoria, Soweto, Orange Farm , Zoo Lake , Alexandra and Sandton. My first concern was transportation, which was a challenge for the team, however although it was a challenge for everyone we managed to get to where we needed to go.

The challenges we faced on interviews concerned getting people who wanted to be interviewed. During our interviews there was a guy I approached for an interview, as I introduced myself to him I could see that he looked bitter but this didn’t stop me from wanting to interview him. After I had told him what I was doing he asked me what that had to do with him and told me I was disturbing him and that I must move away from him. So that was a bit stressful for me, that someone could talk to me like that.

However I did not let his attitude get me down for long. There were friendly people who were interested in what we were doing which helped us to have a great time, especially at the Gay and Lesbian Pride event at Zoo Lake. We all had fun and enjoyed filming what we saw. For me it was exciting because their were interesting people in their beautiful outfits and costumes. It was colorful and joyful, they just didn’t care who was there and who was looking they just enjoyed themselves and that made things easy for me to move around them.