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By Suzan Khosa

A day after we went to the German School for a workshop with journalists from around the world, I came across women at the Alexandra Magistrate Court opposite my office, the women were protesting for a rape case. They we chanting ‘ The rapist must die in jail, he does not deserve to be free,’ they said he was an evil man.

The story is; the man came home drunk in the late evening, he kicked the door, whilst the baby and the mother were asleep, he then started to rape the mother in front of the baby and then raped the baby on spot. He was reported to have violently abused them after that devastating scenario. He was the fugitive for a while and was caught by the police after two weeks.

This happened in December 2009, before Christmas Eve. The man has been in jail since January and his hearing was postponed for next month.

I know that this is bad news, when it comes to our mothers and children we must stand and protect them as a country. Alexandra has many issues related to rape and alcohol abuse. As a community we need to deal with it.