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Siyakhona held their mobile public cinema screening on 25 August 2011, the screening was held in the Setshwetla area near Marlboro Gardens. We demonstrated a good strategy of working together with local stakeholders such as Alex FM and Amakhone Esintu. The Alexandra community station reported on the event and dj Umbrella joined us to listen to what the community had to say. Amakhone Esintu, a local theatre production company performed African traditional ways of story telling to empower our community with issues related to battle against rats.

Mobile Community Cinema Screening

Lehlohonolo speaks to the community

Eco solutions provoked a possible solution by playing a digital story about owls and their role in managing the rats and also verbal teaching of the importance of balancing the eco system. Introducing owls to the rats problem is part of a solution which then sparked debate amongst the citizen of Setshwetla.

After the rats film the audience shared their views and opinions:

They highlighted the issue of cleanness as one of the problems, they then suggested to be given extra plastic bags to put in their rubbish.

People also have a problem of congestion as one of the problems that prevent proper cleanliness, and they suggest that the cleaning company must intensify cleaning effectively in congested areas .

They also highlighted the issue of housing as the main solution to the rats problem.

More than half the population believe in different myths that are attributed to owls . However one lady suggested that it would be better to live with owls than rats. The over-all response of people on this eco-solution showed a greater need for more workshops about owls.

The Setshwetla screening was one of the best screenings that we ever had around Alex. The turn out was +-350 people and more than 50 kids were there. Organizations from Alexandra township like Life Line also supported our consultation, helping us to facilitate the dialogue session after the film and encouraged us with support for the great work we are doing.


They are big with different kinds of colors. They don’t care about life as long as they get something to eat. You will find them everywhere, but they stay in a township called Alexandra yes I am talking about Rats. Others may take rats and mice and make them their pets but for us people of Alex it’s terrifying to have rats as our pets.

We live, eat, sleep with them. These rats have invaded our beautiful township. mobile public screening in Setshwetla Alexandra

They are seen day & night yet we think it is normal, at first it was 1, 2, 10 but there are millions of rats in Alexandra township. These rats come with their own diseases, but still we sit and keep quiet. I am a citizen journalist of Alex who is very concerned because these rats won’t only give me their disease, but the whole of Alex will suffer.

So we took the rats’ film to Setjwetla one of the informal settlements in our township, trying to hear their views and what can we do about this problem.

The people were very shocked when they heard about the diseases that the rats carry. We consulted with them. This is what they said, “as long we don’t clean after ourselves nothing will be done to get rid of these rats”, the other one said “we as Alexandra citizens, we need to help the municipality and work with them to keep our township clean”.

We do not plead to the government only but to the people as well please let’s keep our yards clean, let’s live in a clean environment, the government is trying to help Alexandra by bringing owls to the township so people I leave you with this question. What do you think about owls in the township of Alex?





When Florian came to us with the idea of using Khayelitsha Siyakhona to create a multi-media installation that would portray life in Khayelitsha using the four walls of a re-purposed shack, we were excited.
I refused to see the film until the night of the premiere and I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful and inspiring experience. It was amazing to see what Florian and his team pulled off with a minimal self financed budget and sheer will. I am looking forward to helping Florian and his team get this installation into other galleries around the world.
The audience loved the experience and the positive feedback was amazing. The Siyakhona Khayelitsha team truly have something to celebrate.



Picture by Azola Maliti


This has been a great successful event, the whole community stood up as a one society saying no to drugs and substance abuse, also on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, especial among youth.

They were saying no to Rape and brutal killings of women, defenceless grannies, people with disabilities and young children and also human trafficking. They also fight against not coping with the burden of HIV /Aids leading to suicide and killing of partners and violet crime.

It was great to see political parties united as one supporting their communities even though Mr Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille were not present. ANC, DA, NAPWA, HOME AFFAIRS, CHILD LINE and other NGO’s stood together and shouted with one voice; “DON’T LOOK AWAY, ACT AGAINST ABUSE”

There was also HIV/Aids test clinics, while Home Affairs were helping people with Identities and some got free t-shirts with flyers detailing contact details of programs and associations that could help.

This is how we should work as a province to protect our sisters, brothers and our parents, families together with our communities, so we started it here and you???

There comes a time where you have to think about the aftermath of the world cup. There were rumours about the outbreak of xenophobic attacks post world cup. I don’t think that we are united enough to stop these attacks because we as people don’t think about other people’s needs.
Football for Hope Festival in Alexandra
Think about when you’re going to their homes and they start these hate crimes, how will you feel being tortured and treated like an animal? You may say I’m overreacting but I’m not, it was not long ago when our own revolutionaries went to their countries for safety.

We must stop blaming foreigners for lack of jobs and poor service delivery when it is our own government that is slow when it comes to delivery. Let us start to stand up to the government using peaceful means pressuring them to deliver on their election promises.

As a video journalist of Hillside Digital I can say we need to stop such hate before we end up being a nation with no spirit of togetherness. We need to figure out how we can solve all these problems that we have as a country.  

The world cup just ended let us stop this whole madness and carry on with that mojo of one nation. We were united by football so let us be proud of being united as Africans. At Hillside Digital we are very happy about the screenings that we’re going to do in Alexandra, we have issues that are affecting the community. The major problem is the rat issue and it is becoming very sensitive because they even eat babies and they have diseases. If we are not careful and continue to wait for others to solve our problems then we may face the real possibility of an outbreak of the plague. We must work together as a community, as a nation, to solve these problems.

If we can dream to be one, we can become one. At Hillside Digital we are the voice for the voiceless. Let us be proud of who we are and where we come from.

Warren Radebe (Video Journalist)

6 Video Journalists from Alexandra Township were at the Soccer World Cup 2010 watching the match between South Korea and Argentina; the team favored by many people to win the cup. Over 87 000 people attended the soccer match at the most beautiful stadium in Soweto; it was an experience in the heart of real South Africa.

Tshepiso Mthembu, Hlohonolo Mujakisane, Susan Khosa, Warren Radebe, Shirley Langley, and Herbert Mashishi were excited queuing along the gates. You should have seen their faces, they were flushed and excited. For some it was just a first time experience in the stadium. My day at the stadium never wasted away any exciting moment. It was a dream come true. I had a close up of stadium life with world known soccer stars. Herbert dream of a lifetime; being at the world cup

The Vuvuzelas were blowing everywhere sounding like happy bees. The stadium was field with True Rainbow Nation as South Africans. Two months ago South Africa had a little bit of racial tension, but when I saw every race sitting side by side, chanting together and enjoying the game, I thought that the World Cup Event strengthened South Africa`s democracy.

South Korea lost 1- 4 to Argentina in few minutes of the match, it was a heavy loss for the Korean fans and a bargain for the Argentinians to qualify in the group B. The Argentinians celebrated with their blue and white colors and so was Hlohonolo with his still cam to capture the moments. For the rest of the Hillside Digital Siyakhona team it was an opportunity of a life time. Thanks to Sony and Foot Ball for Hope.

Protected: The 2010 Siyakhona Trainees

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