About Hillside Digital

Hillside Digital Trust (HD) empowers young people of both genders (regardless of their education) from impoverished communities with; training, hardware, technology, ongoing support and the means to publicize and advocate solutions to their advancement out of poverty, disease and injustice on behalf of their community and to the world.

Hillside Digital’s citizen journalists (CJs) are trained to identify the root causes and to find realistic and effective ways of addressing them. It is the answer to the number one need identified in a survey of the world’s poorest for the World Bank;

CJs produce high quality video and new media content centered on advocacy and ‘call to actions’ on issues affecting their communities.

HD CJ producers master the tools to create half hour ‘news magazine shows’ focusing on hurdles to their advancement out of poverty, ill-health and protection of human rights. Their stories will document the conditions in which they live and address the millennium development goals in their own voice.

Local screenings of these films provide a platform to find solutions through dialogue. It affords stake holders and role players to disseminate vital education and information to a captive audience.

In each area where Hillside Digital operates, it coordinates with the area’s key role players; community leaders, NGOs, development forums and local authorities (when ethical) with the implementation of a ‘plan of action’ inspired by the community through the video advocacy screenings.