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Posted: March 7, 2011 by Danny Lurie in Uncategorized

Sunday the 27th of February was another example why growth is so static in our townships; Artists in Alexandra are quick to depend on outsiders for sponsorships because we always forget to work together. Enough having ciphers where we diss and put each other down to spit and shine our own egos. How about we start spending more time on the things we can do together and the resources we can use from one another?

A potential sponsor of the music workshop that was expected to be held on that day pulled out at the eleventh hour blaming punctuality and leaving an eager but poorly informed crowd hanging.

Blame African time but the preparations began thirty minutes after the time that was set for the workshop to start, after dedicating thirty more minutes to disappointment and finger-pointing, the artists that were expecting to be performing after the workshop refused to leave without a show.

The new formation and arrival to the scene in Alexandra the “Untitled Band” set up their gear and gave the crowd a mixture of cover tracks and own compositions before free styling with hip-hop artists Linda, Disciple and Twigger Mansion. The entire show was live and raw and the crowd was pulled in by the new flavours to their ears when passing by.

Dreams coming true should be about creating your own chances and opportunities. There’s a lack of growth in Alexandra because we don’t believe in ourselves enough to implement our own visions and ideas. The serendipity of this event has encouraged me to believe in the destiny that I am setting forth for myself. Revolutions did not begin with people wanting fame and recognition instead they grew from an individual wanting to better a certain part of their life.


It’s time we stop trying to imitate past martyrs who then had reasons to be confined to who they were told they were, we need to start being concerned with who we are not and that can only happen with us learning and adapting from other cultures.

The world is only concerned about where you are from after you’ve become a part of something that has mattered to the rest of us. Music is a universal tool and that’s where we should be concerning ourselves with what we’re hearing and what we should be saying.

It’s sad that even collective efforts are only mere excuses for independent gains. Bands are formed by people looking at how much money can be made from using one another’s talents. Why are we so afraid to admit to our mistakes? Isn’t that the whole point of growth? Townships are no longer a result of segregation but an excuse to the things we’re not doing.

Thank you to the following mentions Alex FM, David Chislett, ALPOA, HILLSIDE DIGITAL, LINDA, DESCIPLE, TWIGGER MANSION and THE UNTITLED BAND your efforts and contributions are appreciated.

Writer: MAMO.


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