Zwakanaka shoots, drops and downloads it on Mxit

Posted: November 11, 2010 by Danny Lurie in HillsideDigital
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Zwakanaka is so cool that it’s nc´a, dope, sooooper-  ayt, the bomb, wicked, off the hook, in fact it’s dianesa and njo-jo and most importantly it’s moving forward, that is what it means. And that is exactly what it does. Zwakanaka only looks as far back as the ‘right now’. It can see around corners and moves into the future to create spaces that haven’t been invented yet. It is constantly changes, grows and expands with the urban youth it represents. If you want to know what township cool is- you need to get with Zwakanaka.

Zwakanaka caters to a street-wise youth culture who want more than the classic once-off downloads and music. Zwakanaka offers original local content accessible to a township market on the MxIt platform and gives filmmakers and mobile users an opportunity to create and enjoy relevant mobile media entertainment. It represents a first in terms of giving a voice to filmmakers and consumers alike to determine what they want to get across to each other.

Emma Kaye, A leader in mobile media, entertainment and content noticed a gap in the urban mobile youth market. Her vision and experience allowed her to create a mobile platform which would enable young township filmmakers to reach a large market. Emma teamed up with Danny Lurie and Nadiva Schraibman, the founders of Hillside Digital which trains township youth to be social activists through making documentary films. This partnership gave birth to a creative filmmaking initiative characterized by storytelling which will enable the filmmakers to become financially sustainable.

Emma Kaye is CEO of Gate 7 New Media and is widely known as an innovator and industry leader in the fields of animation and mobility. She is recognized as one of the top 50 women globally in mobile entertainment. Documentary filmmaker Nadiva Schraibman and social activist Daniel Lurie developed Hillside Digital which empowers impoverished communities by giving them a voice and uniting them through film and mobile cinema to jointly come up with solutions to their pressing problems.

You can find Zwakanaka’s short films on MxIt. For more information contact Emma Kaye at:

  1. Megan says:

    Brilliant stuff guys! We’ll be sure to spread the word!

    Check out the World Film Collective team on Mxit too, at Mopix!

  2. […] Kaye, in partnership with MXit, launched two new user generated content portals called Mopix and Zwakanaka in the first week of November. Within four days of going live, the portals had received in excess […]

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