The Successful Siyakhona Clean Campaign.

Posted: September 4, 2010 by warrenradebe in Alexandra, HillsideDigital
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By Warren

It has been a perfect three-day clean up campaign in and around Alexandra Township after a call to action to Alexandra; cleaning the environment to eliminate a number of rats.

We have had 900 volunteers from the community to clean up in eleven most polluted areas. Such areas that we have identified when we were filming the rats documentary.

The Regional Director of the Municipality, officially opened the first day of the campaign,, with other councilors, and officials from City of Johannesburg Municipalities.

Mean while the launch was taking place at three square grounds in Alex, 900 volunteers were gathering at the starting point of the parade, and with youth musical groups which lead the parade in excitement,  not only with crazy dances but it managed to pull the community to the inner community hall. At the community hall, the volunteers were allocated to clean sites, and then the clean up campaign started.

The hunt for the rodents reached one of the most affected areas by rats, and then there was the fumigation process.

We encountered a few problems with some locals of the area who kept on dumping and not cooperating with us, as they demanded more plastics, and they promised they would keep on dumping carelessly till the municipality gave them more rubbish bags.

I guess the only way we do great impact in Alexandra, is by pulling the community together, and influence community participation strategies that will create a working and united community against all issues such as the Rats problem.

All stakeholders will be meeting to discuss such strategies and the monitoring and evaluation processes that will be put in place, making sure there is less waste of resources on future campaigns and to use them fruitfully for the benefit of the community.

I would like to recognize extended support we received from the Region E Municipality, City of Johannesburg Municipality, Alexandra Community organizations in environmental works and social development, and the volunteers, field band musical group which made a wonderful parade performance.. It was indeed a shaking effort for the people of Alex.

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