Police should do more to protect citizens in Khayelitsha

Posted: August 31, 2010 by Danny Lurie in HillsideDigital, Khayelitsha
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By Monde Mdelene

On Friday July 2nd my friends and I went to a fan park to watch the game between Ghana and Uruguay. after the game, we went to a friend’s house in Khayelitsha township.

When we are arrived a friend got a phone call and stepped outside, leaving the rest of us inside the house, after some time we noticed he had been gone for a while so I decided to go and check on him. I found him trying to get into the car and noticed that he had been stabbed. A group of boys had stabbed him five times in his back while robbing him of his cellphone.

He was struggling to breath so we rushed to the hospital. The doctors ran X-rays and released him the next morning, telling him to take it slow for a few days until his stitches healed.

My take is that law enforcement should not just be visible in the city centre and more effective in the neighbourhoods, but in the townships as well. [tweetmeme source=”hillsidedigital” only_single=false]

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