We share one pitch but not the glory

Posted: July 15, 2010 by Shirley in Alexandra, HillsideDigital, Photo
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There comes a time where you have to think about the aftermath of the world cup. There were rumours about the outbreak of xenophobic attacks post world cup. I don’t think that we are united enough to stop these attacks because we as people don’t think about other people’s needs.
Football for Hope Festival in Alexandra
Think about when you’re going to their homes and they start these hate crimes, how will you feel being tortured and treated like an animal? You may say I’m overreacting but I’m not, it was not long ago when our own revolutionaries went to their countries for safety.

We must stop blaming foreigners for lack of jobs and poor service delivery when it is our own government that is slow when it comes to delivery. Let us start to stand up to the government using peaceful means pressuring them to deliver on their election promises.

As a video journalist of Hillside Digital I can say we need to stop such hate before we end up being a nation with no spirit of togetherness. We need to figure out how we can solve all these problems that we have as a country.  

The world cup just ended let us stop this whole madness and carry on with that mojo of one nation. We were united by football so let us be proud of being united as Africans. At Hillside Digital we are very happy about the screenings that we’re going to do in Alexandra, we have issues that are affecting the community. The major problem is the rat issue and it is becoming very sensitive because they even eat babies and they have diseases. If we are not careful and continue to wait for others to solve our problems then we may face the real possibility of an outbreak of the plague. We must work together as a community, as a nation, to solve these problems.

If we can dream to be one, we can become one. At Hillside Digital we are the voice for the voiceless. Let us be proud of who we are and where we come from.

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