Meet team Kenya

Posted: July 9, 2010 by warrenradebe in Alexandra, HillsideDigital
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Let me bring you up close with the Kenyan champions as they prepare for the tournament in day two of the festival. These are young women and men from Kilifi, a rural community near the Kenyan coast. Kenya takes part in the Football for Hope Festival

Today we experienced the Football for Hope tournament through their eyes, along with the fans. They are a unique team with Gladys, a female coach, who was up close with Tshepiso as we followed them along the football grounds. Gladys, shares her utmost confidence about women playing soccer. Gladys stands against her country’s belief that soccer is only for boys. She and Tshepiso agreed that women can do what men can do, especially in soccer.

The Kenyan team bears witness to African poverty, Philip the team’s defender exclaimed this, ‘our challenge’ he said,  ‘is the lack of infrastructure and equipment for practice.’ His sentiment is opposite of what I saw from his confident character overcoming his obstacles.

These are committed young people in social transformation programmes for their community; soccer is one of their social influence tools. It was an unbelievable union when the team met their fans. A ‘big brother and sister’ role came out wonderfully to the young fans. They were exchanging stories, experiences and excitement.

As young people across the continent, we learn that we can overcome our obstacles and be inspired to reach our dreams. The future looks bright, the Kenyan champions never give up and it is certain that their experience here in South Africa, will be their step to transforming their lives and their environment.

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