Alex boy with his camera prepares for the Festival.

Posted: July 3, 2010 by warrenradebe in Alexandra, HillsideDigital, Uncategorized
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by Warren

Meet Refumo who is my new friend, he lives in Alexandra Township a few meters from the media center. As I walked out the center’s gate, I saw this little boy with a broken cam on his hand. He posed serious questions and curious about the media center, he was taking a picture. Refumo looked passionate. When people went up and down the center he was capturing their images with his camera. I guess he new there were journalists in the center who were carrying their cameras.

I’m inspired by how a child can be part of the festival in his own way with his broken camera. Yet I was deeply touched, I went to him, started speaking to him and looked close to his camera which was completely wrecked. He was a vulnerable boy with a smile ahead of his dreams. He told me about himself and I grew more interested as he told me about his dream. He wants to be a policeman because he likes what policemen do for his country and he supports Bafana Bafana.

Refumo is one of many children in the whole world who are disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is a young man I got a chance to know, take his pictures while he was taking his own pictures.

I gave him a little tour in the media center, he watched me working on my stories and he looked excited and inspired. I wanted to make his day, as he was seriously taking pictures along the way leaving the center. Perhaps I lifted his spirit high, he may be the best camera-man ever, he may be the next video journalist like me.

As journalists around the world cover the Football for Hope Festival, he will still be curious with his camera and I will be there to support him, and there again Alexandra South Africa will have a future eye and voice of the community.

The festival begins on Sunday and everyone in the community is excited, young people now want to see their stars playing soccer in the field, Refumo prepares excited fully in two days before the referee whistle’s blows on Sunday the 4th July 2010.

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