Gospel Singer Rebecca Malope celebrates her birthday with Alexandra Township

Posted: June 29, 2010 by Danny Lurie in Alexandra, HillsideDigital
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By Tshepiso Mthembu


Tshepiso is a citizen journalist with Hillside Digital


Imagine if you were one of the people who were to experience a well known, not only loving, joyful but also sharing celebrity who celebrated her own birthday with the community.

They call her the Queen of Gospel, Dr Rebecca Malope, she came along with many other celebrities in to our Township Alexandra. Many, many people from around the Township were invited and they pitched. This event was a success because of an organization that wanted to give back to the community; ‘Face of fortune’ who had support from Diva Divine; one of the biggest salons in South Africa ‘wow’ and this was an opportunity for me to get a free hair do.

My presenting skills developed by my lecturer Mr. Ramabula saw that a dram queen who is on the TV screens loved the way I presented and she wants to meet with me soon. I just can`t sleep today, I’m excited and I have butterflies to the bottom of my stomach. This event has given me a chance to appreciate my self because I knew I was confident but I never thought around BIG STARS.

I am so glad Alexandra got an opportunity into experiencing such a day. We had all local organizations coming in and benefiting from this event; the old-aged, the orphaned children, the vulnerable, the poorest of the poor, and disabled people.

This was so touching I even cried, like a local woman who was catering for the event said, “this event is not all about the money but teaches us how to share and love,” after all I have learnt many lessons at the event.

  1. mdu ranuga says:

    as Rebeccas fan ,ithink it was great to celebrate with her,Enkos Thixo ngoku si gcinela u ses Reebs we love her

  2. Happy says:

    i am so proud of rebecca, she is such an angel, queen of all the gospel singiers is south africa, and teacher to us young people. what i can say to her is that: no matter what people can say about her, she will always remain the best to me and i will never, never stop supporting us.

  3. Langton says:

    Umkhulu lomsebenzi

  4. gugulethu says:

    I’m happy because me and aunty Rebecca we share the same date I’m lucky to share a birthday with you. And I hope one day I can see you personally

  5. Baard nwabisa says:

    This is an amazing thing done by the born again child of God.my the gud God bless u mamurebecca i luv u

  6. Gugulethu says:

    Sis Ribs iingoma zakho ziyangibusisa

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