Siyakhona and Hillside Digital featured on CNN iReport

Posted: June 17, 2010 by Danny Lurie in Alexandra, HillsideDigital, Sony
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By Danny Lurie

While the world watches South Africa during the world cup, Hillside Digital citizen journalists in Alexandra and Khayelitsha townships are being trained on Sony HD cameras and equipment to tell their stories to the world.
I was so proud of team Siyakhona Khayelitsha ‘s story on Vuyo; a coach for Grassroots Soccer that I decided to post the video on CNN’s iReport. I’m so glad I did. The producers from CNN contacted me via email within half an hour and a few hours later they were interviewing me on skype webcam.

Siyakhona is a project that trains young people from disadvantaged communities to be photographers and video journalists. It is part of Sony’s collaboration with FIFA on corporate social responsibility and is implemented through Football for Hope, the movement led by FIFA and streetfootballworld. Hillside Digital is the Africa training partner. The name Siyakhona, which means “we can do it” in Xhosa and Zulu, was chosen as it embodies the project’s spirit of empowerment and inspiration, and that precisely encapsulates the aim of Hillside Digital.

The visual medium is a powerful tool that can be used to deter violence and atrocities, alert the international community to rising developments, to communicate over language barriers and illiteracy, identify hurdles, educate, inform and create social change through public awareness and action.

Hillside Digital’s citizen journalists (CJs) produce high quality video content centered on advocacy and a call to action on issues affecting their communities. I hope you get to watch CNN’s story on the project. Check out for more airings.

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  2. Freeray1 says:

    You guys are doing a great job covering local content in the community. Keep it up.

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