Being part of Hillside Digital has changed my life

Posted: June 12, 2010 by Danny Lurie in Uncategorized

December 2009 was a new beginning, a program that changed my life forever, I am one of 6 young people chosen amongst many because of our different talents, life styles and knowledge and experiences, this our Hillside Digital, which gave us an opportunity to become film makers and community video journalists to do documentaries about our community for our community, Alexandra Township, South Africa. This has given me an opportunity to learn new things, discover issues and to identify problems within the community and to screen them back as documentaries. This is an idea to bring people together and solve the problems through sharing our stories.

In the past 6 and a half months we have been through quite a lot of experiences. Early last month we started a documentary on rats and this was tons of fun and very scary, we went out in the day and in the night on a hunt for rats which I like to call THE BEASTS. We saw rat bite victims from location to location, then fortunate enough we spoke to a Scientist who lead us deeply into what diseases rats carry and how to prevent ourselves from being bitten. We then moved on to a Nurse who shared with us the symptoms and the statistics of rat bite victims in Alexandra Township. A solution had to come about on how to eliminate the rats in our township but first we had to get the township clean meaning no litter at any place.

A campaign was held at a local place in the township and people attended in a huge numbers to hear how they can prevent bites and diseases from rats and within a week the township looked clean but not for long. I had still thought to myself there’s more to be done

By Tshepiso Mthembu;

Tshepiso is 20 years-old , grew p in Alexandra and was volunteering at a nursery school when we met her. She is a single mother and lives with her baby, an elderly family friend and her brother. Tshepiso loves the medium of television and wants to be a director and a presenter – mostly though, her goal is to create a secure future for her son.

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